What I Do

I help leaders, organizations and networks focus and adapt. By closely engaging with them, I guide them in the processes and practices that make them thrive in a world of too much.

Here are some of the ways I help organizations move forward and prepare them for the future today.

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Strategy Jams

A series of engaging hands-on sessions for generating and executing strategy

What It Is

Strategy today can no longer be made in the board room or by top management alone. It requires the active engagement of those who will be responsible for executing it as well. In a Strategy Jam session, these people create executable strategy together.

Strategy today cannot take months or wait on extensive analysis. The speed of change makes it essential that the cycle time between strategy generation and execution is short. Therefore, during a Strategy Jam session, we co-create strategy instantly, on the spot.

Strategy today cannot remain abstract and mainly inspirational. This too often leads to strategies that sound nice but are hard to implement. A Strategy Jam session is therefore focused on generating concrete and actionable outcomes.

How It Works

A typical Strategy Jam session lasts half a day, involves 10-15 of your key people and takes place at your organization. Together, these people are assumed to have all relevant knowledge and experience so that everyone and everything needed for strategy making is present.

During a session we work on your strategy in a piece-by-piece manner. Along the line of the Strategy Sketch and the Organizational Map, we start with an interactive dialogue to create a shared understanding of the status quo—including its problems and opportunities.

From thereon and once everyone is on the same page, we gradually move from the status quo to a new or improved strategy. Also this is done through an interactive dialogue involving everyone present.

The number of sessions obviously depends on the complexity of the issues at stake. But in all cases, the focus is on generating actionable and committed outcomes. I moderate, you play and together we perform.

jeroen kraaijenbrink strategic guidance

Strategic Guidance

Temporary or ongoing strategic support and coaching by someone you trust

What It Is

No matter how strong and confident a leader you are, sometimes you face challenges for which you want guidance by an expert you can trust. You need to set out a new direction, you like to get confirmation that you are on the right track, or you just want an extra pair of eyes to have a look. For those challenges I offer strategic guidance to leaders and teams.

I don’t pretend I have all answers. After all, you and your team are the experts in your line of business. But with my expertise in strategy and management and with the support of a variety of insightful tools, I help creating and finding the answers together.

A key requirement for effective strategic guidance is that there is mutual trust and transparency. Therefore, the first thing we do is getting to know each other a bit. Thereafter, we decide together whether and how we will proceed.

How It Works

I offer two varieties of strategic guidance: temporary and continuous engagements. With a temporary engagement I help you find an answer to a particular issue or question that you have. Such engagements typically range from a few weeks to a few months.

Ongoing engagements are usually less focused and more driven by questions and general strategic support throughout the year. In such engagement I typically play a role as an informal, parttime board member, advisor or sparring partner, supporting you with any issues that come up.

I start my engagements with one or two meetings to get to know each other and discuss your questions, issues and ambitions. After that I prepare a draft engagement plan so that we both know what we intend to do together. Once working together, this plan is likely to change based on new insights, but it serves as a good point of reference so that we all know what we deviate from and why.

While the details of our engagement will depend on your particular situation, I often talk to a variety of people throughout your organization to hear their view on problems and solutions. Based on this information I then prepare a brief and to-the-point “Mirror Report”, containing my observations and reflections. From thereon we decide together on next steps.

While working together, I will be as direct and straightforward as circumstances allow. This means our meetings can sometimes be a bit discomforting. I do this with the best of all intentions, because my primary intention is to help your organization, whatever it takes. This means that, if I see problems, I will address them explicitly. And then help solving them.

value centered organization

Value Centered Organization

Online and offline guidance and training to become a value centered organization

What It Is

Any organization’s reason of existence is the value it creates for its customers. Value Centered Organizations know this and act accordingly. They prioritize creating customer value above efficiency, profits, growth or shareholder value. And for everything they do, they ask how it creates value for customers.

Based on the approach outlined in my books and in collaboration with others, we have developed a systematic, online and offline approach to assess the extent to which your organization is value-centered and to identify actions for getting there.

Especially in today’s world of too much, organizations cannot afford to spend time, money and energy on anything else then creating customer value. If they don’t do it, their competitors will do it. This makes that, to be future-proof, your organization needs to be value-centered.

How It Works

Becoming a Value Centered Organization involves three key steps. First, it means doing a brief, guided self-assessment. Based on an online scan, we generate a Strategic Value Profile of your organization and discuss this with you. This step will give you insights in how far developed you already are as well as a number of immediate actionable outcomes.

Second, it means setting a realistic aspiration level to which you can and want to commit. Becoming a truly Value Centered Organization may have serious implications for your organization and people. Not all organizations want this. Therefore, we set the bar together to make sure you are challenged, but in a realistic and relevant way.

Third, it means developing an engagement plan that expresses how you will move forward and what our involvement is going to be. Developing towards a Value Centered Organization and maintaining that position requires ongoing attention. This means we will also look ahead and agree on regular updates and re-assessments.

Within these three main steps there are many variations possible, depending on, for example, the size of your organization, your aspiration level and your capacities. Contact me to learn more and see how I can help you to become a Value Centered Organization