Strategy in the Age of Too Much

We live in the age of too much. Too much information, too many choices, too much pressure and too much change. My goal is to help you thrive in this age. Personally, as business leader, as organization or together as collaborative network.

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To learn how to thrive in a world of too much, my books are a good starting point. They offer practical, step-by-step support to help you adapt while keeping you focused on who you are.

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I blog frequently on to share my ideas and observations about how to thrive in a world of too much. A selection can be found here. Get inspired and comment if you like.

jeroen kraaijenbrink consulting


I help leaders, organizations and networks focus and adapt. By closely engaging with them, I guide them in the processes and practices that make them thrive in a world of too much.

Better as Strategy


Through my strategy e-learning platform Better as Strategy, I share what I do in my training and consulting work, so that people can learn and start practicing strategy themselves.

My Philosophy

I believe that, to thrive in a world of too much, you need to understand who you are and what you can do, stick to this and create a continuous process for adapting everything else. This makes that you stay true to yourself and remain in sync with the ever changing world.

I also believe that I don’t have the answers. You and your people are the experts in your line of business. But I can listen, give my viewpoints and engage in a focused and structured dialogue with you and your people to help you find the answers.

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